Top 10 paddleboarding tips

Top 10 paddleboarding tips

1. Wear a buoyancy aid 

Always wear a buoyancy aid whilst paddleboarding, even if you are an experienced paddler. This ensures your safety and can help you stay afloat in the event of an emergency.


2. Use the right paddle for your board

Make sure you use the right paddle for your paddleboard. Paddles came in different lengths and materials, so find the one that works best for you.  Maybe book a lesson with Och Aye Canoe, there's a discount for using your own equipment!


3. Practice proper paddling technique

Learning the proper paddling technique is essential for maximising your paddleboard experience.  The proper form will help you paddle faster and with more efficiency.  How about treating yourself and / or a friend to a lesson?


4. Learn to read the water

Knowing how to read water is an important skill for any paddle boarder.  Pay attention to the waves, weather, and wind conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable paddleboarding experience.  Request a bespoke lesson from Och Aye Canoe perhaps!


5. Don't forget to warm up!

Before you get on your board, take a few minutes to warm up your body.  This will help prevent any injuries and keep you feeling comfortable while you're out on the water.


6. Stay alert

Always be aware of your surroundings whilst on the water.  Keep an eye out for any other water users in the area.


7. Use a leash

Attaching a leash to your paddleboard will help keep you from drifting away from your board.  This is especially important if you're paddling on an area of moving water, when a quick release belt should be worn.  Och Aye Canoe talks about leash difference during lessons.


8. Know the rules and regulations

Before you go out on the water familiarise yourself with the local rules and regulations.  This will help you stay safe and avoid any potential fines or other penalties.


9. Have the right gear

Make sure you have the right gear for your paddleboarding adventure.  This includes the right clothing and other accessories, such as waterproof bag and sunscreen.  Consider second-hand equipment to start you off.


10. Have fun!

Last, but not least, the most important tip for paddleboarding is to have fun!  Enjoy your time on the water and make sure to take in all the beauty around you.

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