Paws and Paddles with Och Aye Canoe

Paws and Paddles with Och Aye Canoe


If you thought paddleboarding was strictly a human affair, think again. Och Aye Canoe is turning the tide on conventional paddleboarding, so grab your furry co-pilot and embark on a watery adventure like no other!

Picture this: a Labrador with wind in its fur, ears flapping like flags, confidently sitting on a paddleboard like it's the canine version of a surfboard. Och Aye Canoe is creating a paddling paradise for both dogs and their human companions. It's a "paw"-some sight to behold!

black Labrador sitting on front of paddleboard with owner sitting on same board

Doggy Life Jackets: Fashion or Function?

Forget about canine couture – it's all about the life jackets! Och Aye Canoe understands the importance of safety first, and our furry patrons are suited up in the trendiest doggy life jackets. Who knew safety gear could be so fetching?

Dog on paddleboard with life jacket and owner standing next to it


Woof-worthy Views:

Watery landscapes are even more enchanting when seen from atop a paddleboard with your furry friend. Whether your dog is a seasoned sea-dog or a first-time floater, Och Aye Canoe ensures that everyone has a "paw"-some time, surrounded by breathtaking scenery that's sure to make tails wag.

Och Aye Canoe has welcomed your furry friends into the fold, proving that paddleboarding is an activity that transcends species. So, grab your paddle, leash up your pup, and head out for a day of laughter, splashes, and unforgettable moments by contacting Och Aye Canoe. After all, life is better when you're paddling with your best friend, even if they have four legs!

dog wearing buoyancy aid standing on back of paddleboard with owner

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