Paddle in Style:  Och Aye Canoe's new Red Paddleboards

Paddle in Style: Och Aye Canoe's new Red Paddleboards

Och Aye Canoe just upgraded with a fleet of Red Equipment paddleboards! Yep, you heard that right. We're talking about the "Rolls Royce" of paddleboards. Ready to dive into why these boards are the crème de la crème and why you’ll want to get your feet on one ASAP? Let’s get paddlin’!

Why Red Equipment Paddleboards Rock

1. Built Like a Tank (But Light as a Feather): Red Equipment paddleboards are crafted with MSL fusion composite and airtight coating, making them ultra-durable yet super lightweight. MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) fusion technology involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage. The result? A board that is lighter, stronger, and more durable. This innovative construction method ensures that each board is free from the inconsistencies and weak points that can occur with traditional hand-gluing methods.

2. Stability that’ll Make You Swoon: Ever felt wobbly on a paddleboard? Say goodbye to that! These boards are designed to be incredibly stable and rigid, so whether you’re a newbie finding your sea legs or a pro carving through the waves, you’ll feel as steady as a rock. They also sit slightly closer to the water adding to their stability.

3. RSS Battens: Red Equipment's patented RSS (Rocker Stiffening System) battens enhance board stiffness. By inserting these battens into pockets along the side rails of the board, overall stiffness is increased by up to 40%. This means better performance, especially in rougher waters or for heavier paddlers.



Why Och Aye Canoe is Over the Moon

1.  Top-Tier Offerings: Bringing Red Equipment paddleboards into the mix means Och Aye Canoe is stepping up its game. I'm all about giving you the best, and these boards are the cherry on top for me!

2. Comfort and Convenience: With features like ergonomic handles and a comfortable deck pad, these boards make your paddling experience more enjoyable. Carrying your board to the water is easier, and standing or kneeling on it for extended periods is more comfortable, reducing fatigue and letting you focus on the fun.

Ready to Ride?

Och Aye Canoe's new Red Equipment paddleboards are here to make your water adventures legendary. These top-notch boards offer unbeatable quality, cool features, and a paddling experience like no other. Come down and see why everyone’s raving about the Rolls Royce of paddleboards. Grab a board, hit the water, and let’s make some waves! 🌊🚀  Book now!


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