Falkirk Wheel Adventure with Kayaks and Paddleboards

Falkirk Wheel Adventure with Kayaks and Paddleboards

**NEW DATES FOR THIS TRIP COMING 2024** Contact Us if you're interested!

On the 9th September 2023 Och Aye Canoe embarked on an extraordinary adventure that left everyone beaming with joy. For the first time Och Aye Canoe water enthusiasts decided to take on the iconic Falkirk Wheel using kayaks and paddleboards. 

The Falkirk Wheel, a marvel of modern engineering, stood before us, ready to transport our kayaks and paddleboards to new heights – both literally and figuratively.

The Falkirk Wheel, often described as a "boat lift," is a unique piece of infrastructure that connects two canals at different elevations. This feat of engineering is a sight to behold, and for water lovers like us, it was an opportunity we couldn't resist.

With our kayaks and paddleboards securely loaded onto the rotating gondola, we watched in awe as the Falkirk Wheel began its graceful ascent. As we rose to new heights, the view expanded, revealing the picturesque landscape surrounding us.

Once we reached the top, had a paddle around and took photos, it was time to make our way back down. With the Falkirk Wheel's gentle descent, we eagerly launched our kayaks and paddleboards into the Forth and Clyde Canal.  The smiles on our faces mirrored the joy of this remarkable experience. 

From the vantage point of our kayaks and paddleboards, we witnessed the charm of the Falkirk Wheel from a unique perspective. It was a reminder of how nature and engineering can coexist in harmony, and how human ingenuity has made it possible for us to enjoy these breathtaking moments.

As the evening continued, we shared stories, relished the beauty of the Scottish landscape, and celebrated the sheer fun of being on the water. 

With thanks to Scottish Canals for this partnership and enabling us to take part.  We look forward to future trips!

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