7 Reasons to have a Paddleboard Lesson

7 Reasons to have a Paddleboard Lesson

1. How to correctly set up your equipment 

Have you just got your own board but aren't sure how much it should be pumped up? Or how to know if it's pumped up enough?  Or perhaps it keeps deflating when you remove the hose?  Let Och Aye Canoe teach you how to set your board up correctly and answer any other queries you might have.

2. Learn technique to stand up

Most people quickly realise it's not as easy as it looks to stand up!  Och Aye Canoe has a highly successful way to teach you to stand up - often on the first lesson! 

3.  Learn to turn and paddle

So you've set your equipment up and you're standing, but the wind picks up and you are struggling to turn.  Or perhaps you just want to be able to impress your friends with your turning and paddling ability!   Have a lesson to learn how to improve your turning and paddling.

4.  Safety and rescue

Looking to start venturing further afield but still unsure about how to get back on your board in deep water, or what to do if your friend falls in and can't get back on their board?  Learning some simple rescue techniques is invaluable and might save a life one day too.

5.  Get recognised qualifications

Qualifications are a great way to learn new skills and have a goal to aim for.  Och Aye Canoe is a provider of the Paddle Start, Paddle Explore and Paddle Discover Awards.  Contact us for more information.

6.  Meet new people

The great thing about paddleboarding is there are a number of like minded people out there!  Come and have a lesson and meet new people to share your adventures with!

7.  Have fun!

The heading speaks for itself!

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