Paddle the canal with Och Aye Canoe!

Paddle the canal with Och Aye Canoe!

On Friday 29th March 2024 Och Aye Canoe ran its first paddle trip on the canal! Picture this: a bright March day, the Union Canal near Linlithgow shimmering under the Scottish sun, and a bunch of eager souls ready to embark on a voyage of a lifetime. Oh, and did I mention Paul? Clad in nothing but his trusty shorts, ready to take on the watery wilds like a true Scottish Highlander!

Yes, you heard that right, folks. Shorts. In March. Now, you might be thinking, "Does he know there was snow in Aviemore this week?!" But let me tell you, Paul's fashion choice was just the beginning of the fun and laughter that ensued on Och Aye Canoe's inaugural trip. 

With a gentle push off the side, we set sail (or rather, paddle) on the tranquil waters of the Union Canal. The scenery was straight out of a postcard – rolling hills, daffodils, the occasional quack of a duck breaking the silence, with waves from curious onlookers on the towpath.

Laughter echoed across the canal as we navigated our way under bridges, feeling like explorers charting uncharted territory.

If you fancy a bit of laughter, a dash of adventure, and a whole lot of Scottish charm, mark your calendars for Saturday, 23rd June and head on over to to book your spot on the next canal trip. Who knows what hilarity awaits? Och aye, let's go!

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