Paddle Awards

This is the brand new scheme from British Canoeing replacing the star award system.   The awards are for those getting into a boat for the first time, enabling you to feel confident in a sheltered water environment.  Suitable for anyone age 8 and upwards.

Awards can be gained by any craft, whether you choose kayaking, paddleboarding, or open canoe.

Paddle Start – The Paddle start award is the first level of the new scheme.  It is a taster into the sport.    Areas covered on this course include:-

  • Clothing and equipment choices
  • Lifting, carrying and launching
  • Moving forward, turning and stopping your boat
  • Awareness of possible hazards

Paddle Discover – The Paddle Discover award builds on the basics and adds new skills, allowing you to develop your decision making skills whilst out on the water.  Areas covered on this course include:-

  • Awareness of factors which affect your paddling
  • Developing your decision making
  • Practising skills
  • Access to kayaking locations
  • Safety and rescue 

Paddle Explore – The Paddle Explore award builds on how to be safe, confident and independent out on the water.  Areas covered on this course include:-

  • Decisions around what to wear & equipment needed
  • Types of water / water levels
  • Accessing the water
  • Practising and developing skills

A certificate is granted upon successful completion of the award. (