Golden Paddle Award

Welcome to Och Aye Canoe’s Golden Paddle Award! This award will be presented for a “stand out moment”…. this might be skills based, achieving an adventurous challenge, or any other memorable event!  At the end of the year each of the people lucky enough to win this award will be entered into a prize draw to win a piece of kayaking equipment. Who will be the 2021 winner?!

Congratulations to Murray Wallace, who became the first ever winner of Och Aye Canoe’s Golden Paddle Award for his kayaking efforts during 2019! He is now the proud owner of his first ever trophy and a nice dry bag to keep all his belongings in! Well done Murray!

Here are the 2019 nominations….

Jules and Bianca winning the Golden Paddle at Lochore
A double celebration of the Golden Paddle Award today at Lochore! Bianca for picking up the SUP very quickly and Jules for all her patience which led to her also successfully standing up and not falling in!
Verity winning Golden Paddle at Lochore
Verity winning the Golden Paddle for making a successful comeback to kayaking
(or as her son Murray put it “she deserves the Golden Paddle as she’s not kayaked since the 18th Century, and because of my excellent mentoring”!)
Murray (aged 10) winning The Golden Paddle at Lochore
Murray (age 10) winning the Golden Paddle at Lochore for overcoming his fears of deep water and paddling out in a single kayak.
Golden Paddle paddleboarding Lochore
Levi (age 8) winning Golden Paddle at Lochore for being the youngest person to stand on SUP without falling in