The price of all activities includes the use of all equipment.  Please bring swimwear for under wetsuit (provided), or wear your own warm clothing (not jeans) which will get wet.  Also bring shoes that can get wet.  Remember to bring a towel and change of clothes!

Included below is some information on the equipment and how it works.  If you have any further queries please contact me.

Buoyancy Aid

Buoyancy Aids are a specialist form of personal flotation device (PFD).  These must be worn at all times whilst on the water doing activities with Och Aye Canoe.


A wetsuit is a neoprene insulation suit made for warmth and protection in watersports.  It functions by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the suit.  The layer of water is warmed by your body which prevents you from losing too much heat while in the water.

To be more comfortable you can bring your own clothing (not jeans) to wear over the wetsuit.  It is personal choice as to whether or not you wish to wear a wetsuit whilst doing activities with Och Aye Canoe.

Sit-on kayaks