Will I have to go upside down in a kayak? NO!

A common query from adults who come to my kayaking sessions is whether they have to try going upside down in a kayak… the answer when you come out with me is NO!

When I set up my business I identified that a number of people have a fear going back to earlier days of being in a swimming pool, having to capsize a kayak, knock on the bottom of it and then wait to be rescued. I’ve been there too! Through my business I want to show that beginners can enjoy kayaking without having to do any of this.

I use sit-on kayaks which, as the name suggests, are kayaks you sit on top of. There is no risk of entrapment or getting stuck. In-fact over the course of 3 years I’ve only had 6 capsizes happen that’s how stable the boats are!

Have a look at the photos below which show the kayaks I use, any questions or queries or fears please drop me an email at ochayecanoe@gmail.com where I will do my best to put you at ease 🙂

Picture of sit on kayaks on grass beside loch
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