How do I look after my wetsuit?

Here’s some of my tips for looking after your wetsuit after being out on the water.

Rinse your wetsuit both inside and out with fresh water as soon as you can, particularly if you’ve been in the sea. The salt water can cause zips to jam etc. Also letting your wetsuit marinate in saltwater in the back of your car isn’t the best for your nose or your wetsuit! So get that hose or bucket out and give it a good rinse!

Once rinsed hang your wetsuit up inside out to dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is not neoprene’s friend. After it’s been drying for a while turn it inside out and give the other side a chance to dry too.

If you’re not using your wetsuit don’t fold it and leave in a cupboard as the neoprene will crease over time. The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it in half through a hanger. Due to the weight of a wetsuit hanging it from the shoulders or neck can stretch the neoprene.

Look after your wetsuit and it will look after you!

Any questions contact me and I’m happy to help out where I can 🙂

pile of wetsuits
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