Palm trees at Plockton!

Last week I drove up to Plockton for a bit of kayaking. Originally called Am Ploc, the settlement was a crofting hamlet until the end of the 1700s. In more recent times (mid-1990s) the BBC chose to film a drama series called “Hamis MacBeth” here. Plockton catches the Gulf Stream and as such has an array of palm trees growing there!

The sea floor is very different on the West Coast – the ground just suddenly drops away. On the East Coast there is a much more gradual incline out to sea. I got myself set up and after a couple of paddle strokes I was already in water over 10 feet deep, and also water which was very clear. It was pretty amazing seeing all the plants growing up through the water.

I had a nice paddle around the bay at Plockton, it was very scenic with the big mountains in the background. It’s obviously tidal around this area though so care has to be taken. It’s never advisable to paddle on your own so I didn’t go far out and I had someone I knew in line-of-sight on the shore.

After a good paddle around Plockton I headed back in and treated myself to a well-deserved ice cream! It was a great place to kayak around and it’s always nice seeing things from a different angle (as in from my kayak), it’s also very peaceful being out on the water.

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